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(IRONCLAD - An innovative approach to stop Flight Hijacking)


      The most intimidating part in this is the fear of hijackers seizing control of the plane. Even in the developed nations with the most sophisticated techniques couldn't stop these death including methods. IRONCLAD means an unassailable method or a flawless device. We have devised a
new method using the functional system of the body. This will certainly put a full stop to the things that threatens everyone, if it is implemented correctly.

      The IRONCLAD deals with the detection and prevention of hijacking automatically by combining the features of embedded and biomedical instrumentation for sensing the parameters. Embedded system is used because any additions or an alteration in the system does not involve the change of hardware that could be done just by changing the coding written in the IC. This reduces hardware cost, development time and space. These chips are built into a non-computing device, which gives intelligence to the system. Biomedical instrumentation provides necessary equipments for sensing the required parameters from the body. The camera gives the control to the system and for alerting the pilot.

      Two types of sensors, heart beat and temperature sensors are used in here. These sensors are placed in all the passenger's seats. The heartbeat and temperature of the human body are
measured and are constantly checked. There is always a quantum jump in the heartbeat count
and the temperature of the human body in times of tension. So incase of any hijack, the human
body will experience the same, which is detected by the sensors and suitable preventive measures are taken automatically.


      Whenever the brain senses any peril of any sort there is always certain reaction taking place in
our body. this functional change of the body is used to detect the danger inside an aeroplane.the heartbeat and body temperature of a normal person rises abruptly during this situation; this
variation in the body is detected for each and every passenger inside the cabin of the aeroplane.
the detecting sensors are placed in the seats of all the passengers inside the aeroplane. The temperature is detected by using temperature sensor and heartbeat by an infrared transmitter and receiver arrangement with a pulse generator.

      The values sensed from the sensors are added and the mean value is founded. When there is a
quantum change in the heartbeat count and body temperature the mean value exceeds a normal value. Then the microcontroller gives the control to each station and activates the camera inside
the flight. The situations are monitored manually and the controls are given to the flight
accordingly. The controller used for this purpose is programmable interface controller (PIC)
which has many features inbuilt in it, that satisfies the requirements needed here.


      In this modern and technocratic world the threats for hijacking is augmented successively. The attack on the WTC is the best example to show the increased threats and the devastating result.
The aero plane is mainly focused for the abductions and threats since the passengers are mostly important people and locating of a particular person is not that difficult. Once the plane is in the
air we lose our controls over it, this enables the hijackers to use the situation. So a sophisticated system with at most secrecy should be employed to avoid these miss happenings. The method
we suggested would provide a required solution.


      The IRONCLAD is easy to install in any prevailing planes provided they need the security to the passengers. The system consists of the sensors, cameras, microcontroller and an interfacing
device. The sensors are embedded to the seats of the passengers and have contacts with the microcontroller. The cameras are situated in various places in the plane cabin. As the system is totally embedded the installation is easier and simple. The system is enabled once the plane
starts and works till the destination is arrived






      The heartbeat sensors and the temperature sensors placed in the seats constantly give the signals
to the microcontroller. The changes in the heartbeat count and the body temperature are
reported then and there to the microcontroller.


      The sensed values from the various sensors are handled individually and the mean for the
heartbeat and the body temperature are found separately the mean values are compared
constantly with the normal mean store previously in the microcontroller. Only when there is a
change in the mean value by larger difference, an alert signal is sent to the earth station with the plane details and the cameras in the plane are activated simultaneously. Here the precision plays
an important role. There may be sudden change in heart beat count or the body temperature of
one or two passengers inside the plane. But this will don't do any major change in the mean
value there by avoiding the unwanted alert signal produced.



      Once there is an alert signal is given by the microcontroller, the cameras are activated and
are viewed in the earth station. When the situation seen by the cameras doesn't show any disruptions a low level alert signal is given to plot since the hijackers may be hiding. If the
situation is worse, a gas is released in the cabins. The gas as a nature of making the human
being unconscious when inhaled. If there is no attention via the cameras, and the pilot or the
earth station, the gas is released automatically after a minute.






      The camera used here enables the monitoring earth station to show the actual position in the
plane. An emerging crew may be altered to get ready to be effective once the plane lands. The
gas used should be mild and also should fulfill the requirement. Nitrous oxide or attar may be used here. Nitrous oxide is one of the best toxicant used for medical purpose. An output from the controller can be set to enable the autopilot if we suppose there may be a problem with the pilot.

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